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Portrait Crystal is the source for laser etched 3D Crystals Internationally.

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. It is our goal to 'AMAZE' you with the latest techniques in 3D. Simply send ANY digital photo. Our artists will work to make it a masterpiece!

Here are some reasons why we believe you are making the right decision when purchasing your 3DCrystal from ''.

Superior 3D Quality

See the image below. This showcases the difference between a competitors work and ours. Our artists not only design 3D models, they design the software used to create the 3D models. Our work results in superior contrast, the best 'pop' effect, and a product that will last proudly for generations.

Our commitment to your satisfaction

We intend to 'WOW' you with our work. Its our promise.

...And if these first 2 points aren't enough to earn your business, here are a few more.

Proud to be the design team for President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's 3D Project

The same team of artists that worked on President Barack Obama's 3D Crystal and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's 3D Crystal will be working on yours. We were selected as the dignitary gift for presentation to world leaders. was recognized by the Federal Government for Innovation. Our work resides in the office of the Canadian Prime Minister in 'Centre Block' on Parliament Hill -Ottawa Canada.

Winner of the Business Excellence Award was presented with the prestigious Business Excellence award for outstanding innovation and development.

Winner of the Aspire Award was nominated and the Winner of the Aspire award for achieving heights in ingenuity, customer service, and quality of workmanship.

Acknowledged by Tonight Show Host, Jay Leno. was personally, acknowledged by Tonight Show host 'Jay Leno', for the development of his 3D keepsake.

We are excited to work on your project no matter how simple or complex. We GUARANTEE you will LOVE the outcome.